मंगलवार, 26 जुलाई 2016

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उत्पल कान्त मिश्र "नादां" 

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Deepti Agarwal ने कहा…

As Beautiful as I heard for the first time long time ago.

उत्पल कान्त मिश्रा "नादां" ने कहा…

Thanks Deepti for liking again!

Heard these days that theory of Einestine is being challenged. Speed of light can be controlled :)

उत्पल कान्त मिश्रा "नादां" ने कहा…

Ops! One part of comment is deleted :( silly comp :(

When the speed of light can be changed so I thought of changing the speed of time to bring in a few good things back :D

Deepti Agarwal ने कहा…

gud.. that u managed to change the speed of time.

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